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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Smooth Moove the Reclamation of Personal Continence

The Founding Researcher
Smooth Moove the Reclamation
of Personal Continence
2-CD $12

Inside, you will find a complete set of step by step life changing instructions. You will also DISCOVER who the Founding Researcher really is, and the exact reason why YOU NEED TO PAY FOR HIS COOT RANTINGS!
You will find out at last, exactly what it means to GET BEVELED and come out the other side, clean and shiny as a new teapot! Learn what TAKING A BATH IN YOUR OWN ULTIMATE CORRECTNESS has done for thousands of saps JUST LIKE YOU!!
The Founding Researcher The Founding Researcher

Download the Handbook on
The Reclamation of Personal Continence Here!Download the Handbook on the Reclamation of Personal Continence

Find out how to tap into a previously unknown, technically UNTHINKABLE, personal source of virtually UNLIMITED CASH RIGHT OUT OF YOUR OWN BODY!

Get a firm grip on that UNTAMED WEASEL NOW and put an end to his DESTRUCTIVE SPIRALING EFFECT!! All this and much much more. You cannot afford to wait any longer!

Every second that slips by, the escaped weasel continues to spin an ever greater and more insidious web of chocolate brown confusion and insanity!!


And, just so you know, out there in the adjacent Universe / galaaxie, there IS someone who is extremely powerful and treacherous.. and he's got a down payment on your future, NOT NECESSARILY IN YOUR FAVOR!!
But hey; This is America and life goes on! You are still coping JUST LIKE THEY TOLD YOU TO!!

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