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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Tom Nunn's Edgewalker Experimental Instrument Consort, Peering Over

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Tom Nunn's Edgewalker Experimental Instrument Consort, Peering Over Tom Nunn Identity
Tom Nunn's Edgewalker Experimental
Instrument Consort
Peering Over
CD $13

"This amazing set of sounding durations owes its brilliance to master instrument innovator Tom Nunn of San Francisco. He built all the instruments utilized on this recording, which is a live adventure that took place at the Crucible Steel Gallery in San Francisco in the fall of 1997. The electroacoustic percussion boards are high-grade 3/4” plywood sheets of various sizes, with sound making devices attached, such as threaded steel rods, bronze rods, wires, nails, springs, textures surfaces and more. These attachments are then struck, scraped, plucked, strummed, rubbed or bowed with small implements like wood stick mallets, knitting needles, combs, guitar picks, small violin bows etcetera.
Space plates are – according, again, to the booklet – stainless steel sheets to which are welded different lengths of bronze brazing rods, arranged in curved rows symmetrically related to facilitate two-handed bowing of the rods. The rods rest on inflated balloons in small buckets. The elasticity of the balloons and the sympathetic response of the rods create a rich, resonant sound.
Balloon/slap drums are 2,5” PVC pipes och different lengths. Some have balloon membrane heads and others cardboard heads which flap loosely against the end of the tubes and slap the openings when struck, causing a biting pitch that is a harmonic on the tube. Each set of drums has 26 different tube lengths, i.e. 26 differently pitched drums! In this recording two sets were used.
The applause at the end reminds you that this indeed has been a live performance, which makes the magnificent result even more baffling. You would have thought, for sure, that these pieces were thought out and recorded many times before the final result on CD was ready, but everything is, indeed, live! Great music! Great sounds!" - Excepts from a review by Ingvar Loco Nordin, Sonoloco

Doug Carroll - sonic ray
Ted Dutcher - techphonic plate 2
Glen Engstrand- north star
Jim Hearon - crustacean
Ed Herrmann - t-rodimba
Gary Knowlton - techphonic plate 1
Mihai Manoliu - bug
Lisa Moskow - 11 trees
Vinny Nicastro - t-rodimba
Tom Nunn - original instruments
Randy Porter - bug
Garth Powell - beetle
Moe! Staiano - techphonic plate 1 / drums
Peter Valsamis - techphonic plate 2 / drums
William Winant - crab

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"The music itself is sometimes reminiscent of Harry Partch's music, or the metal sound sculptures of Harry Bertoia, with a myriad of pitches and timbres colliding. Some pieces are mostly percussion/rhythm based, and others are more ethereal. It all sounds quite human though, and quite coherent and organized for a bunch of people playing instruments they are not completely familiar with." - Jeph Jerman, The Improviser

"...shows off a range of sound from bowed(?) harmonics to a total dinosaur skeleton chiropractor delight." - Thurston Hunger, KFJC FM 89.7

"The EEIC are fifteen brave Argonauts willing to row aural-oars carved by Tom Nunn through clashing rocks and swarms of Harpies, past dangerous Cyclops-thown boulders, and straight down the gullet of Poseidon himself." - Bret Harold Hart, The Unheard Music