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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Jess Rowland - Spambots

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Jess Rowland - The Endless Fall of the Infallible See (and the Future Imagery Architecture) Jess Rowland - Spambots

Jess Rowland
CD $12

The Spambots have been tagged and released into the sonic ruins of consumer bliss point singularity. Come visit! Spambots is the latest installment of experimental muzak by Jess Rowland, featuring the drumming of Pete Stalsky. With! Many text-to-speech Spambots, Corporate Mascots, Smooth Jazz Damage, Data Mines, Foundation Pits, Melodies without notes . . . . and then the spambots attack.

Jess Rowland - tonal instruments, electronics, programming
Pete Stalsky - drums

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"'Spambots' is hallucinogenic enough on its own, no drugs required. Interesting in small doses, unpredictable when swallowed whole."
- Steve Mecca, Chain D.L.K.

"Rowland frames from a punk-like attitude, very basic, anarchic and experimental miniatures of unpolished beauty." - Vital Weekly

" Think of a hyper maniacal Captain Beefheart for the Internet information age, spiced with reverberating themes and an undulating soundstage that is wacky, crazily entertaining and shrewdly enacted from start to finish. Thus, Rowland makes her case rather effectively during a judiciously meted out timeframe sans any overkill. "
- Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz