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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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The Spirit Moves Us  - Hommage to Spirit
Special Value
Get Jim Ryan's spoken word projects Mindless Thing and hommage to Spirit for an additional $5.00 off
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Jim Ryan, Jordan Glenn - Mindless Thing The Spirit Moves Us  - Hommage to Spirit

The Spirit Moves Us
Hommage to Spirit
USB wallet card $45
(5 live performance, 2 studio recordings)

Hommage to Spirit is a unique compilation of the creative music group The Spirit Moves Us celebrating both the spirit of free Improvised Music and one of its most dedicated practitioners; percussionist Spirit, as well as cellist Bob Marsh, and wind player (flute & saxophones) Jim Ryan who also plays kalimba on these recordings. The project consists of five live The Spirit Moves Us  - Hommage to Spirit USB Cardperformances by The Spirit Moves Us at various venues around the San Francisco Bay Area as well as reissues of Edgetone’s release of Spirit’s Preface to God, Solo Fola (One Who Speaks Through The Drum) album recorded at Mills College in 2001 (EDT4010), and a remastered version of the self titled album The Spirit Moves Us album (EDT2005). The limited collector’s edition is available on a sixteen gigabyte USB wallet card containing WAV and MP3 files as well as a video of the group in action at Velma’s Sunday Blues and Jazz Club in San Francisco, CA. History of the group, Reflections on the Spirit of ‘The Music,’ Photos and Graphics, recordings of studio rehearsals, comments by fellow musicians, as well as reviews by music critics; will also be included in the files on the card.

Jim Ryan - alto, tenor saxophone, flute
Bob Marsh - cello, voice
Spirit - drums, percussion

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"One can easily get lost in the atmosphere, forgetting about the intellectual decoding of something that does not necessitate a verbal translation. The instrumentalists convey the notion of being free, without necessarily having the “free” label stuck on them. Their technicalities – the fruit of decades of intense exploration of the respective instruments – sound as natural as a drink of water. When the conversation extends for seemingly excessive lengths, it is instead the manifest evolution of an improvisational dialect that does not take into account “normal” parameters, typically connected with the constrained acceptance of some sort of aesthetical law needed to be booked for the “important” festivals."
- Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

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