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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Jim Ryan, Subjects of Desire
Special Value
Get both of Jim Ryan's spoken word projects Subjects of Desire and Mindless Thing and get an additional $4.00 off
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Jim Ryan, Subjects of Desire Jim Ryan, Jordan Glenn - Mindless Thing
Jim Ryan
Subjects of Desire
CD $12

Jim Ryan's Subjects of Desire is concerned with individual freedom and its troubled relationship with desire of all sorts. The free-form verse revolves around the need for recognition from another, who also demands attention. Ryan's poetry draws on his background consorting with the Beats in Paris. The poetry and the music from from of the best improvisers in the Sann Francisco Bay Area intertwine majestically to create an allegorical epic.

Aurora Rising spoken word, voice
Jim Ryan texts, flute, spoken word, small percussion
Bob Marsh cello, voice
Scott R. Looney keys, electronics
Marshall Trammell percussion, voice

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"...well planned and cleverly realized...when the intertwining of bewildering sounds (instruments include flute, cello, keyboards, electronics and percussion) and voices reaches the boiling stage, we finally realize that one thing is unrepentant liberty informed by skilful eagerness..."
-Massimo Ricci, Temporary Fault

"His latest disc clearly delves deeply into obscure avant-garde/noise territory." - Sea of Tranquility