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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Vol. 1 Artists

Sudden Oak Sudden Oak
John Ward – guitar
Matt Erickson – tenor saxophone
A duo sporting vectors of feedback and klang from guitar inspired by a weight of concepts crossing the post-Hendrix adrenaline mainline of Munehiro Narita with the avant brutality of Masayuki Takayanagi with metallic saxophone crowning the whole deal with blurps of severed single-note ferocity.
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Soft teethSoft Teeth (Heule/Mendoza)
Jacob Heule - drums
Ava Mendoza – electric guitar

Jacob Felix Heule is an improvising drummer and multi-instrumentalist whose music spans the spectrum from overwhelming brutality to reductionist austerity. Free improv, noise, black metal and gamelan all have influenced his aesthetic and technique. The child of musically adventurous parents, Jacob grew up listening to Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart, and later developed a particular fondness for Throbbing Gristle and Merzbow. Becoming involved in noncommercial radio in 1999 expanded his musical interests to include the aforementioned genres and beyond. At that point, Jacob began to realize the full potential for the instrumental abilities he had developed while drumming in punk bands and playing alto sax in school, and he has relentlessly pursued his continually-expanding vision ever since. more information
Ava Mendoza treads the wobbly line between structure and open improvisation, tonality and atonality. Her solo guitar compositions draw from early country and blues music. Both in solo and ensemble contexts she likes working with tunes/riffs/compositional ideas and then throwing musical monkey wrenches into them in performance--forcing them to self-destruct and intersect with free improvisation.
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The Spirit Moves USThe Spirit Moves US
Jim Ryan – tenor saxophone
Bob Marsh – cello
Spirit - percussion

The Spirit Moves Us is a recently formed trio of veteran improvisers flowing to the East Bay from the mid-west (Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, & St. Paul) through r&b, jazz, and avant experimental groups. Eastbania has been home to them for many years now, and they have worked together frequently in various configurations. Spirit on percussion is considered by local and national aficionados as an original master of the free form jazz genre. Bob Marsh on cello has brought the instrument to an awesome freshness and versatility, and Jim Ryan on flute, saxophones, kalimba, & spoken word has performed regularly throughout the country and locally with his Forward Energy bands.
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Tri-Cornered Tent Show Tri-Cornered Tent Show
Philip Everett - Autoharp, Electronics, Percussion Ray Schaeffer - Electric Basses
Anthony Flores - Drumset, Percussion

In the early 20th century "tent shows" created multiple stages of interest vying simultaneously for attention. They could be selling you medicine, salvation, entertainment or war. While Drawing on combined influences in R&B/dance, classical, multi cultural folk, progressive rock, 20th century avant garde, free jazz and heavy metal, Tri-Cornered Tent Show pushes the envelope of melodic groove and arrhythmic improvisation, sometimes evoking images of 70's Italian horror pictures. and other outr..e forms of cinema. Around the turn of the 21st century the Tri-Cornered Tent Show driven by two intrepid tavelers Philip Everett and Ray Schaeffer, came out from their exile held up in a well-insulated dank studio in the depths of Richmond California for almost three decades.

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Mikey YedaMikey Yeda – drums/voices

There was always a jones for the non linear, so it shows in the music. themes of entropy and renewal, the oroboros gag reflex test in progress. a disregard but not total refusal towards the formalities of constantly steady rhythm and recognizable form. because it just feels so right. they usually show up. that with the apettite for the gnar-kill. intensity being another requirement. to get to that state of aaaaahhhhh uuuhhhh shiiiiittt. sky writing with vaporized fecal matter straight from the horse's burnin arse. more information

Lords of OutlandThe Lords of Outland
Rent Romus - alto, soprano saxophones, voice
CJ Borosque - fx pedals
Ray Schaeffer - 6-string electric bass
Philip Everett - drums, autoharp, electronics

Rent Romus' Lords of Outland : broke from its 'straight-ahead' straight jacket in 1993 and through a series of transmogrifications morphed into something some people call "Free Jazz Black Metal." Culture of Pain and You Can Sleep When You're Dead! are recorded results of this alchemy. You can find these life-threatening CDs on www.edgetonerecords.com. The 'Lords' feature Rent's saxophone mastery and a current line-up of sonically disturbed sound artists = CJ Borosque screaming electronic devices, Philip Everett heinous percussion, and Ray Schaeffer evil e-bass.

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Jay KorberJay Korber – tenor saxophone
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Lob ov InstagonINSTAGON
Lob - lead bass
Dr.Oblivious - theremin
Chad E. Williams - guitar
Mike Daddona - drums

INSTAGON was started in 1993 as a musical experiment in thee United States, by members ov Thee Temple of Psychick Youth North America (TOPYNA), to becoum counter-part to thee UK TOPY ensamble called Psychick TV (PTV). Shortly there after PTV disbanded and thee networking between thee two groups became fuedal. Members ov thee TOPY North America Access Point called BABYLON ov this era are responsible for thee birth ov thee deamon, Instagon, although artist/creatist LOB tends to be held as the founder or creator ov thee project.
Instagon uses musical theories ov Jazz and "Jam" music to approach garage rock from a new side..creating something new, very vital and extremely different.. a fusion ov progressive rock, drunge punk, and jamming, interlaced with CHAOS THEORY to create "Garage Jazz".. Instagon is NEVER THE SAME ENSAMBLE TWICE.
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Loren Means - trombone, electronic recorder and voice
Douglas Katelus on keyboards
RandyLee Sutherland, drums

Wiggwaum was formed in 2007 and made its debut in an YLEM Forum presentation at RX Gallery. They have played at Amnesia, Annie’s Social Club, Artists’ Television Access (sponsored by SF Cinematheque), El Rincon, El Rio, Hemlock Tavern, The Knockout, Lipo Lounge, Luggage Store, and New Nothing Theater, all in San Francisco, 21 Grand in Oakland, as well as at Dead Herring House in Brooklyn, New York. Wiggwaum’s first record is available, on vinyl and CD, in conjunction with the band Poor School.

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