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formally the band known as WarisTerror TerrorisWar, is a collaborative quazi-core band dedicated to expressing their opposition for war, authoritarian regimes, and violent religious extremes. It's a band made up of members from two different continents with a tremendous amount of experience in a wide variety of musical situations. They protect their psyches by not taking themselves too seriously. Thollem Sickofwar spent hour after hour in Prague writing stacks of sheets of words during the war between Lebanon and Israel in 2006. When he arrived in Italy to play eccentriclect and free improv concerts he found himself with 3 days off, a recording studio, an ex-drummer (now saxophonist) Andrea Caprara, an ex-electric bassist (now cellist) Matteo Bennici, an ex-electric guitarist (now everything else) Jacopo Andreini, and a terrible beat-up old rickety perfect piano. Thollem wrote some songs in 3 hours using the words he had written several months before, and without teaching them to his new band mates they recorded the first album "TheBrutalRealityOfModernBrutality" co-released by EdgetoneRecords (U.S.) and BurpEnterprises (IT). They just met again this past July to record a second album "Private Poverty", play their first shows to wildly enthusiastic audiences, and reconfirm their collective skeptical optimism.

WarisTerror TerrorisWar, TheBrutalRealityOfModernBrutality

WarisTerror TerrorisWar TheBrutalRealityOf
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