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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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 Go-Go Fightmaster, Sound 1CD $12

Edgetone is proud to present the 100th catalog release with Go–Go Fightmaster!

Go-Go Fightmaster
Sound 1

Go-Go Fightmaster is music that seeks only to be music and relevant in this era of violent expansionism and blatant disregard for the declining state of the planet. Go-Go Fightmaster does not seek to be the most modern, historical, punk/jazz/disco/dark/light /cool/whatever shocking, comforting, Spiritual, secular, or Avant-garde. Go-Go Fightmaster are lovers, not fighters and we do not engage in the form of dancing known as "Go-Go". Go-Go Fightmaster does not like cheese (except on crackers). Go-Go Fightmaster is the ideal band for your corporate event. Go-Go Fightmaster loves you.

Listen to Evil Bohemian on Sound 1

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Aaron Bennett - saxes and straw
John Finkbeiner - guitar and straw
Lisa Mezzacappa - contrabass
Vijay Anderson - drums

"Yes, there are moments of quiet virtuosity, passages of calm reflection, and even a slowish track. (“The Cosmic Cogitator, with a sinister ritualistic sound and a snazzy, angular guitar solo.) But the album’s philosophy is best summed up by the three short snippets titled “Sound One” (and Two and Three). They sound like instruction pieces: “You have 20 seconds to obliterate them all. GO.” Very cool."
- Wedge, Memory Select

"Very noisy, frequently cacophonous jazz with high energy and strong forward momentum."
- Cousin Mary, KFJC 89.7 FM