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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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 Tri-Cornerd Tent Show - Weird Excursions

Special Value
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 Tri-Cornerd Tent Show - Welcome to Psychoville Population 4  Tri-Cornerd Tent Show - Weird Excursions

Tri-Cornered Tent Show
Weird Excursions
CD $12

Weird Excursions is a poly-idiomatic harmolodic psychedelic R&B exotica filled politically incorrect avant freeform funky fever dream in-joke freak-out filtered thru Philip K Dick William Burroughs Harlan Ellison HP Lovecraft Picasso Dali Sun Ra Stockhausen Varese Hendrix Eric Dolphy and Ornette Coleman as if written and arranged for Pink Floyd but performed by Soft Machine fronted by a Diamanda influenced Philly soul singer tripping on Owsley acid in the spirit of early Zappa and the theater of the absurd.

Philip Everett - Electric Lapharp and Xlarinet
Ray Schaeffer - Electric Basses
Anthony Flores - Drums
Valentina O - Vocals and Vocal FX

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