Founded in 2000 and a non-profit corporation in 2009, the mission of Outsound Presents is to raise public awareness of sound and unique events not otherwise made available by presenting public performance, co-op promotion, and education. Events and works supported by Outsound Presents include and focus around the creation of experimental music, avant garde musical composition, various forms of sound art including found sound, and improvisation, creative music, new music, noise, musique concrete, minimalism, invented instruments, genre-bending music, and sound that is sculptural or textural in nature.

Outsound Presents events sometime include (but are not limited to) film, dance, invented art, and intermedia works. Our intent is to present to the public forms of experimental performance that would otherwise remain unavailable.
Outsound Presents currently presents public performance (two on-going weekly music series), promotion of collaborative presentations (through our mailing lists, word of mouth, and guerilla marketing), and community education, (through member outreach, lectures, and performances in local colleges).

Current Roster:

Rent Romus, Executive Director, Program Director
CJ Borosque, Secretary, Production Director
Philip Everett, Treasurer, Production Consultant
Suki O'Kane, Production Director
Matt Davignon, Production Director
Polly Moller , Funding & Grant Director
Pete Martin, Production Consultant
Bill Noertker, Production Director
Ray Scheaffer, Production Consultant
John Vaughn , Production Consultant

Past support volunteer roster includes:
Sarah Lockhart, Production consultant
David Katz, Funding consultant

Additional staff of five to seven volunteers annually. Selling Merchandise, Helping to set up stage, chairs etc. Working the door.


Booking for the Summit is invitation only we welcome discovering new artists for consideration.
If you are an experimental/improviser in any format musician or sound artist please contact us.
More information about the Summit can be found HERE.


Outsound Presents...The Luggage Store Gallery Music Series1007 Market St. san Francisco, is an artist-run/grass-roots DIY effort. It is not currently a funded series for experimental music. We book 2 to 3 months in advance. There is no guaranteed payment, no guest passes, hotel accomodations, transportation, no acoustic piano, no sound person. Must start by 8:10pm. However, we do offer a space to play (2 groups per evening), free advertising, and a percentage from the door: 70% goes to the musicians (divided equally by 2 sets) and 30% goes to the gallery. There a limited PA available (mixer, two speakers, no reference monitors) Setup begins at 7pm. Realistically, very little money is made and we volunteer our time. We are also happy to have volunteer help with the series (setup chairs, curtain, lights, or make/distribute flyers etc.) please contact us.

SERIES FAQ S.I.M.M. (Static Illusion Methodical Madness) SERIES
Presenting NEW SONIC music of the 21st Century
Alternating Sundays
STUDIO 6 @ THE MUSIC UNION HALL 116 9th Street @ Mission St., 1.5 blocks from Civic Center Street BART, San Francisco. The SIMM Series is a musician run/audience funded music series for experimental and original chamber music now in it's 7th season bringing highly professional and truly adventurous music that would not normally be heard or supported by mainstream society. We ask that you contribute $10 in support of the artists. All Ages welcome, $5 minimum entry. For series info
tel: 415-905-4425
We are currently taking proposal performance requests. If you would like to be considered for the series contact
Rent Romus at Outsound. There is no sound system, one piano, and can seat 30-40 depending on performing group size.
Directions : BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Station: Civic Center /Walk down Market Street from station exit Turn left on 9th St. 116 9th St.

Outsound began in February 2000 as a monthly music performance series at 848 Divisadero under the name 'Static Illusion/Methodical Madness' (SIMM). As the series grew, performances moved to the Musician's Union Hall. Presently, Outsound is offering three performance series at different locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Performances feature international as well as local talent in a broad range of new music and improvisational genres.

The Outsound New Music Summit (formerly the Edgetone Music Summit), presented on four consecutive nights in San Francisco and Oakland, has been showcasing the most innovative and pioneering new music in California and beyond since 2002. The Festival's line-up includes electronic music artists, composers, and improvisers, providing a supportive environment for exploration of genre and sonic creativity. In addition, the festival is promoting intermedia arts, fostering cross-pollination between music/sound art and experimental film/visual arts.
In the last four years the Summit featured over 200 groups from around the United States as well as Europe, Australia, and Japan including California debut performances, drawing an audience of over a thousand annually.

The SIMM Series is a musician run/audience funded music series bringing highly professional and adventurous music that would not normally be heard or supported by mainstream venues. The series presents sixteen to twenty performances a year, bi-weekly on season (Spring-Fall) and monthly off season. And is currently in it’s sixth season.

The Luggage Store New Music Series presents weekly Thursday night performances. It is the longest standing experimental music series in the S. F. Bay Area. Operating since 1991; Outsound was given curator-ship in 2001. Artists receive promotional support as well as volunteer work from the curator artist members of Outsound (i.e. performance set-up, door staff).

In 2006 Outsound received five grants from Meet the Composer Inc. for the Edgetone Music Summit for artists Susan Allen, Nicolas Chase, Oluyemi Thomas, Marcos Fernandes, and Jason Robinson.