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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Tri-Cornered Tent Show  - Maze Above The Abyss

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Tri-Cornered Tent Show  - Beneath the Mountains of Madness Tri-Cornered Tent Show  - Maze Above The Abyss
Maze Above The Abyss
CD $12

Almost everyday in the news there are stories about how a group of scientists after so many decades of painstaking research and work create a new drug or make new discoveries, but how many times does one read about a group of musicians that have done the same thing?
A trio of experimental and improvisational musicians called the Tri-Cornered Tent Show has done just that. It has taken them the last part of the last century (25 years to be exact) of dedicated practice, research, and patience that brings them to announce the release of "Maze Above the Abyss", "Tri-Cornered Tent Show", and "Beneath the Mountains of Madness" all encased in 3 albums. The musical journey began with initial tracks being recorded using the ancient antediluvian technology of electronics from the 70's. Though methodical deciphering of the Lovcraft short story "The music of Eric Zann", other related stories expanded upon Lovecraft's Greater Cthulu Mythos they began recording free improvisation and orchestrated sound sculpture over those 25 years to create the projects now available.

Phillip Everett - drums and perc. midi mallet-synth, xylorimba,vibraphone , auto harp
Ray Schaeffer - electric frettless basses
David Toby - Horner Clavinet, Melodica, Hammond Organ,Chamberlinand misc. percussion

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"70's era electro-technology taken to its refined limits"
- A. Fremont KFJC FM