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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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CJ Borosque - MachineCD $12

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CJ Borosque's Machine and Bedlam and get at an additional $4.00 off
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CJ Borosque - Machine CJ Reaven Borosque, Bedlam


Multi-artist CJ Borosque pulls no punches with her first release of solo guitar saturated in noise, distortion, and looping.

Listen to: Bring Me the Head of E. Dankworth from Machine

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"...stakes out the territory, seeding the sonic landscape
with layers of mutated guitar and loops that eventually resolve into grinding machine-like terror."

Her noisy and intense debut approximates the sound
of robots tearing themselves asunder through a visceral
and violent brand of experimental guitar-damage.
- Splendid

" ...solo guitar noise a la Lee Ranaldo, Caspar Brotzman. Fine layers of distortion, looping industrial machinery effects, hypnotic and droning mostly, like the sound of working in the bowels of a futuristic steel foundry on the planet moon Titan with robot drones standing guard,
heavy artillery at their disposal."
- KZSU FM radio

" Very bold assaults on your senses will have you
(either) running away immediately, or takin' mescaline
or krank to "get you in" to th' machine..."
- Rotcod Zzaj

"Furiously lo-fi, distorted to a mess... I'd happily
listen to hours of these hypnotic segments."
- Touching Extremes

"... a nice wall of noise."
- Chain D.L.K.
CJ Borosque - guitar, pedals