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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Conure - Strings, Locations

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Conure - Strings, Locations Conure - Stream

Strings, Locations
CD $10

Conure has previously given us vast washes of feedback in the form of endless fields of soundscapes. With this album "Strings, Locations", Conure begins intimate, then discreetly leaves us stranded in a vast labyrinth. The sharp, specific washes of analog electronic tones give the listener an audio architecture within which to navigate. Some are large halls and others small corridors. The twisting sounds of ringing tones, discordant guitar accents, and feedback lumber through this architectural terrain, sometimes like a monster without direction and other times like delicate intentional creatures holding ground in the middle of a vortex. Whatever this beast is, we are given an audio map of a terrain for which there is no way out. It is an odd and exciting combination of harsh sounds mixed with delicate an intentional placement. One cannot exit this piece without feeling that they were witness to some narrative only half understood. It is the sound of a city’s architecture evolving from a past to a future as an abstract mystery is made audible.

Conure – guitars, field recordings, pedals, other mic'ed sounds and objects, keyboard

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"Wilson's head-banging approach constitutes a source of interest. It's all in good fun, however, as he summons notions of oscillating jet engines and mechanized disasters. Not for the feeble or faint-of-heart, the artist generates an overpowering soundscape, partially entrenched in the noise music genre, with a lot of clairvoyant-like intricacies taking place in the background. "- Glenn Astarita

"Strings, Locations reminds me of bands like Sickness, Immaculate Grotesque and Goat to man a few.. Conure sound like its on the brink of total sonic failure and I could not be more proud to have this in my collection."- Absolute Zero

"...cathartic, majestic noise, done as well as anyone does it. Conure can’t help but deliver the goods. “Strings, Locations” is just the latest in a growing series of events in which his guitar, tape recorder and pedals create sonic beauty amid both deliberate and found chaos."
- Mike Wood, Foxy Digitalis

"The final track, "Steel, Nylon and Foil: Oxidation Paintings" is the culmination of the album's progressively harsh tone, sounding like cement blocks being crushed into powder in a tunnel filled with gusting wind."
-The True Dead Angel

"Sonic structures that are heavy on the found sound and full of fresh ideas. Oh, and enough noise to sterilize a few million cockroaches. Strangely accessible despite all that. Let this piledrive you into a better place."
J. Worely, Aiding & Abetting

"...a constant tone and as a pressure to make an ambiance of filthy sounds. The music is intense..."
-Vital Weekly