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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Brought to you by Thollem McDonas and Die Schachtel and distributed by Edgetone
Thollem Mcdonas, on Debussy's piano and...
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Thollem Mcdonas, Gone Beyond Reason To Find One Thollem Mcdonas,on Debussy's piano and...

Thollem Mcdonas ,
Stefano Scodanibbio
on Debussy's piano and...
CD $13

Anyone who has heard Thollem McDonas or Stefano Scodanibbio as a soloist might well imagine what a combination of their unique genius could produce. Now you can hear it for real on Debussy’s Piano...yes...the same piano the magical, marvelous and world-changing Claude Debussy once owned and played himself. And Debussy’s spirit certainly hovers here in the auras of ferocious demoniacal energies and delicate impressionistic shades of vibration emanating from these mesmerizing, polished structures. Scodanibbio, for many years now, has redefined and expanded greatly the techniques of playing the double bass. He has made this instrument speak in ways never before experienced and has unleashed a sonic arsenal for this instrument that has inspired composers like Cage, Berio and Stockhausen to heap praise on this wonderful 21st c. Paganini. On this recording he burns through Thollem’s structures with fire and elegance. Thollem’s keyboard flights unleash cascades of notes of seemingly impossible velocity and no matter where he goes tonally, it always seems right, fresh and satisfying. He should be on everyone’s listening list who appreciates great piano music. As an improviser, he inhabits a world uniquely his own, rhythmically, harmonically and formally. A true original; Debussy’s Piano, Thollem and Scodanibbio. An imaginative idea, wonderfully realized with virtuosity, improvisational mastery and intuitive communication of deep sensibility all residing here in the magical marriage of their artistry. - Terry Riley

Thollem Mcdonas - pianoforte
Stefano Scodanibbio - contrabass

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"His ever-alert, albeit serene arco sapience rides through Mcdonas’ implausibly elegiac legerdemain, light touches and unlocked cascades of chords and notes at the basis of an improvisational system which was “devised for the occasion” by the pianist. Add the special flavour given by the utilization of an instrument once played by Claude Debussy (now preserved in Brive-La-Gaillarde, France), and what you’ve got is a record that starts as nearly impenetrable but slowly grows to expose a work of art, a case in which the spirit of the music prevails on anything else: when the first seconds of the heartrending “Dreaming Of Dreaming” materialize, everything connects." - Massimo Ricci Touching Extremes