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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Guinea Pig, The New Neighbors

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Guinea Pig, The New Neighbors Guinea Pig, Out of Town
The New Neighbors
CD $10

Guinea Pig is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Tony Passarell. In 1995 the group was specifically formed for performance presented at the former Dark Circle Lounge Series which had been curated by percussionist Gino Robair. After a few years had passed Romus found the live recording from that performance which became their first album release ‘Out of Town’ in 2004. Almost two decades later The ‘New Neighbors’ manifest in the tradition of the DIY spirit the band was originally formed to explore. This long awaited second release features music culminated from a live performance at Rent Romus’ curated SIMM series at the San Francisco’s Local 6 Union Hall.

Timothy Orr - drums/percussion
Rent Romus - alto, soprano, c-melody saxophones, bells
Robert Kuhlmann - electric bass
Tony Passarell - tenor saxophone, coronet, percussion/bells

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"Throughout ‘The New Neighbors’ Guinea Pig seems to be having a blast. The songs have a complexity to them, but there is also a playfulness to their density. Light and airy rhythms are counterbalanced by jarring sounds and tones. This helps to create a feeling a conflict, but instead of being an aggressive affair, its more of siblings blowing off steam for a few minutes before resuming their usual friendly behaviour. What is remarkable about ‘The New Neighbors’ is how fluid everything is. It sounds like a well-oiled machine, with players that are used to playing with each other regularly." - Vital Weekly
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