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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Rent RomusErnesto Diaz-InfanteScott LooneyJesse QuattroPhilip EverettBob Marsh
Dina EmersonAlQLance GrabmillerSandor Finta

The Abstractions named by musician/poet/author C.J. Reaven Borosque, was formed by Bay Area musician/producers Rent Romus and Ernesto Diaz-Infante. Taking elements from a cross section of genres, The Abstractions rip apart, rent asumder, and redefine music offering a sonic pallet of utter disturbance. Drawing from an improvisational body of knowledge, the unspoken words transformed to music, history, and social insight make up this unclassifiable experimental music.

Collective Roster 2001-2005
C J Reaven Borosque- noise pedals, guitar
Matt Davignon - turntable, drum machine
Ernesto Diaz-Infante - vocals, guitar, 4-track
Dina Emerson - voice
Phillip Everett - drums, autoharp, percussion
Sandor Finta -voice
Lance Grabmiller - laptop, processing
Marina Lazarra - elec guitar, voice
Scott Looney - electronics
Bob Marsh - cello, voice, accordion
Jesse Quattro - voice
Alwyn Quebido - electric guitar
Rent Romus - alto, soprano sax flute, voice, zitherod
Ray Schaeffer - bass
Margorie Strum - flute

"...music of the best, in the direction where it provokes the boldest and disturbing challenges."
-Eduardo Jorge Chagas A Puta Da Subjectividade

“They create a cacophony of raw sound, over which the voice of Jesse Quattro screeches in wild outbursts on agonized cries. It is an exhilarating oleo”
-Frank Rubolino, one final note

“…sound-shaping on a really big canvas, sort of like Pollock with microphones instead of brushes…extreme freejazz and left-field eccentricity ”
RKF, Dead Angel

“Out-Jazz assaults and more abstract experimental workouts. This isn’t one of those subdued performances where the focus is on the sounds themselves.”
-Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations

"Th' whole band is something you should keep your ears tuned to if you want to be in touch with where 21st century improvisation is going!"
Rotcod Zzaj

"The layers of evocation here, the collisions and combinations of acoustic and electronic sound, which approach jazz, electroacoustic improv, and even post -rock, makes listening to them an intriguing and imaginative experience."
-Adam Hill, Signal to Noise

“Quattro’s Westcoast Shelly-Hirsch-Zunge with exaggerated jagged razor blade claws, makes me feel virtually hunted in the trees.”
Robert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy