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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Gold Record Studio - Live at Laney Flea Market

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Various Artists, On The Edge Vol. 1 Gold Record Studio - Live at Laney Flea Market

Gold Record Studio
Live at Laney Flea Market
2-CD SET $16

Epic, bizarre, melodic, noisy, surprising, and most of all .. beautiful!

In the spirit of bringing commerce-free, live music into situations where it is least expected, Oakland artists Jon Brumit and Lisa Mezzacappa created GOLD RECORD STUDIO, a free public recording studio at the Laney College Swap meet. The public was invited to the flea market every Sunday from April 15 through May 20, 2007 to record a GOLD RECORD on the spot, with guest Bay Area musicians. The open-air, bare-bones studio was equipped with an antique record cutter, a stack of homemade blank plastic records, a full set-up of instruments, and a packed roster of guest musicians. In the first two weeks, Gold Record Studio recorded members of a Serbian prog-rock band, a record producer from Cameroon, a neighborhood video artist/indie rocker, DJ Ready Red from the Ghetto Boys, a family of amazing drummers, an accordionist who promised to return with his entire zydeco band, and a new age acoustic guitarist named Don Ho, among many others. Participants ranged in age from about 8 to 65, and have included Chinese, Mexican and African immigrants, as well as local audiophiles, amateur musicians, and professional recording engineers, producers and musicians.

This project was supported by the Oakland City Council and funded by the City of Oakland’s Cultural Funding Program.

Gold Record Studio Recording Artists: Gabriel Sanchez • Jesse Aguirre • Mariana Aguirre • Eddie the Rat (Peter Martin • Molly Tascone • Dan Ake • Ronnie Camaro) • Christian Millare • Felishia Eubanks • Mutt • Rent Romus • Mongo Gaucho • J.J. Jenkins • Aurora Josephson • Wayne Grim • Pedro Macias • Jon Broderick • Rennie Putnam • Sonia Badheka • Marc Araujo • Dr. Jones (No Time for Love) • Greg McKay • Sal Estrada • Suki O’Kane • Lee Montgomery • Brian Hillebrant • Tom Messmer • Jesse Lovell • Dan Plonsey • Michael Zelner • Mel Guerrero • Sylvia Jeffery • Monzy Fierro • Ezme Fierro • Oscar Velasco • Micaela Petersen • Jeremy Kearney • Alan Anzalone • Katy Stephan • Lenny Levis • Jason “Sal” Levis • Seth “Stix” Lepore • Emily Olman • Kara Davis • Yesenia Martinez • Jim McLoughlin • David Hatch • Michael Whittaker aka Inca Ore • Eva Saelens aka Lemon Bear • Sue Patterson • Sarah Camacho • Jonathan Statham • Mary Armentrout • Gary Bellot • Kreamy 'Lectric Santa (Priya Ray • Jan 9 • Ian Billet • Robert Price • John Paul Burns • Jim Hall Fuller) • Harout Manoukian • Santos Rojo • Kyle Hunt • Basil Martin aka Flash • Alice Moore • Jamie Moore • Mike Winston • Sam Prestianni • Miguel Veliz • Leon Jenkins • Ernest Lemon • Eric Perney • Sarah Zaharako • Fulani Carter • James Mitchell • Don Ho • Shelley Doty • Micha Patri • Charles Pitts • DJ Burn • Elembe Blaise • Sarah Wagner • Walter Fink • Dagan • Money Mike • Manuel Murillo • Beto Ramirez Benitez • Steve Shaw • Patricia LeBron • Kim Nguyen • QB Williams • Olga Tafoya and siblings • John Hanes • DJ Ready Red • Lucio Menegon • Emily Cernusak • Amara Kassam • Rob Wortman • Joe Rut • Defacator (Chris Grande • Graham Clise • Sonny Reinhardt • Rich Duchette) • Octavio de la Paz • Mauz • Demelvae and Will • Norvell • Denise • Zach Caggie • Antonio Sanchez • Fernando and Marina • Nina and Demonte • Nancy and dad Luis • Romy • Briana and Tanaya • John • Jason • Matt • Dio • Doug • Isaac • Sam • John • Anthony Patterson Sr. • Anthony Patterson Jr.

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"This is a weird ride through eight weeks of Sundays, surely one of the more entertaining compilations you can get your hands on." - DaveX, Startling Moniker

"“Live At Laney Flea Market” is glorious, a messy, inspiring cross-section of what goes on in the hearts and minds of the people you usually walk past without paying any mind. A great idea, and a great result, full of DIY spirit and erratic street bullshit. Gold Record Studio has tapped a goldmine just by turning the mike on to anyone with something to say." - Mike Wood, Music Emissions

"This stuff is raw, spirited and impossible to put down. Very cool." - Jon Worley, Aiding & Abetting