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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Conure, The Generation of Our Grandfathers

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Conure - Stream Conure, The Generation of Our Grandfathers
The Generation of Our Grandfathers
CD $13

In July of 2003, a documentary was broadcast on HBO while Conure was packing for a (cancelled) move to Berlin. "Paragraph 175" was a documentary portraying the Nazi persecution of homosexuals because of Paragraph 175 of the German Penal Code of 1871. Conure knew this persecution had existed, but little beyond that. This documentary inspired him to create a new audio work as a way to interest others as ignorant as he to watch the film, but primarily as a way to portray the feelings the documentary brought forth in Conure.

Conure – laptop and other assorted lo-fi equipment and sound sources

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"Strong stuff with an advanced understanding of the science of noise (this is from a former member of Imperial Floral Assault Unit, after all), but definitely not for the easily-perturbed." - RFK, Dead Angel

"Wilson has certainly delivered an introspective disc full of haunting beauty and depth, and one which will demand repeated listening." - Ryan Sparks, Sea of Tranquility

"The Generation Of Our Grandfathers" is a solid and accomplished piece of work in the field of experimental lo-fi noise art, capable of standing on its own without any added symbolisms."
- Miguel de Sousa, Connexion Bizarre

"Mixing pre-recorded voices and devastating floods of growingly massive distortion in a semi-static sonic complex, Wilson fathered an impressive soundscape where the emotional element is always at the forefront, a cross of threat and bliss that results as dramatic as the roar preceding an earthquake." - Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

"A salute to bravery, and a spotlight on those to be remembered, Conure’s "The Generation of Our Grandfathers" is a moody, poetic gem that may not be easy listening, but is essential listening."
- Mike Wood, Music Emissions

"The Conure album 'The Generation of Our Grandfathers' is fantastic. Edgetone put out Nihil Communication’s 'We Are Violent', which showed me that they do release noise works, but this one takes it a lot farther, and has really deepened my appreciation for Edgetone’s good work."
-DaveX, Startling Moniker

"Rarely now-a-days do we hear of movies inspiring music, but Mark Wilson aka Conure’s work on “The Generation of Our Grandfathers” will hopefully not only bring notice to such an important piece of history but also remind us that the act of paying tribute via sound is an impeccable way to bring attention to any issue or idea." - J-Sin, Smother

"Some truly beautiful noise-drone with a powerful theme." - KZSU FM90.1 FM

"There is a lot of Depth and experimentation in what Conure does and if your a fan of people like Robert Rich, Lustmord, Steve Roach & Peter Andersson then you will be a very happy person."
Absolute Zero