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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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CJ Borosque + Robert M. & INSTAGON

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CJ Reaven Borosque, Bedlam CJ Borosque + Robert M. & INSTAGON

CJ Borosque + Robert M. / INSTAGON
CD $12

Beautiful is about nature, its cruelty… its horror and its fragility. The spider on the cover is meant to convey both the astonishing power of life as well as its destructive force.
Throughout the career of CJ Borosque she has offered up her noise-ventures as singular commentary of psychological states of being that come from the intersection of her consciousness with society and the tensions that arise from that conflict.
This album in neither nihilistic nor dystopian, but is instead a celebration of the vitality of the animal world and the veracity of nature. These tracks represent the wanderings of a mad mind that is illuminated by understanding on the brink of twilight. With this album CJ embraces her fear of madness and her fear of death and brings thes beauty of both within the reach of the listening observer. This album is about the reconciliation of the human mind with the powerful and dark forces of the unconscious, which rises up in rebellion and stuns those who would deny the power of its presence. This is an album of great depth that belongs in the mind of any lover of truly raw vital energy that pours forth from both the belly of the beast…

CJ Borosque - electronics
Robert M. - desktop computer
LOB - bass, metal objects percussion, mixer control Dr. Oblivious - keyboard
Chad E. Williams - guitar
Haunted Califone Tubrntable - playing itself

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"Dark electronic noise meets the audio virus... glitch-laden, fried-noise soundscape that sounds like an army of insects coming and going in a wind tunnel, with plenty of electroscreech and exotic, unidentifiable sounds in the mix." - RKF, The one true dead angel

""Beautiful" is not for everyone, but it also isn't just for those who do find beauty in abrasive, cathartic noise. Its grinding, difficult message is that there are ways out of any hole, and most often they revolve just speaking up; even if screaming doesn't always work, you can still listen to your own voice to remind you that all is never lost." - Mike Wood, Music Emissions

"...acerbic white noise... I on the other hand failed to derive any pleasure from this hour long three track collection of cacophonous noise...Years of reviewing diverse collections of music in every category of music from progressive rock, metal, jazz to the avant-garde, must have truly rendered me incapable of understanding...interesting passages of industrial dronescapes.
- Ryan Sparks, Sea of Tranquility

"From start to finish "Beautiful" does a good job holding your attention." - Charlie Martineau, connexion bizarre