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Robert Anbian I NOT I

Special Value
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Robert Anbian & the Unidentified Flying Quartet Robert Anbian I NOT I
Robert Anbian
2 CD $22

“A genius or a Venusian.” - Dusty Dog Reviews

From the San Francisco poetry underground comes this full two CD set of the poetry and prose of Robert Anbian, a leading voice in poetry underground. Known for his lyrical-epic “WE Parts 1 & 2" (Night Horn Books 1999), Antinostalgia (Ruddy Duck Press 1992) and Bohemian Airs & Other Kêfs (Night Horn Books, 1982), Anbian has been described by fellow poet Richard Hack as “a passionate virtuoso steeped in these times and deep with tradition” [whose] “poetry crackles with currency – hiply linguistic turns of natural originality, rhythmically brimming with a tempestuous taste of ecstasy, reason, and love.

Robert Anbian - Reading, Poet & Author

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Very few can swing equally well from both sides fo the plate; that is, write poetry and fiction with equal accomplishment. Mr. Anbian is such a professional reader that I wonder if I would have liked these works as much seeing them on the printed page. Wonder not. This is sufficient unto itself."
- Iconoclast #104 pg 65

"...matter of fact narrative and blunt language reflect simple memories and hopes we all share. Rather than being preachy, Anbian includes the listener..."
-Mike Wood, Foxy Digitalis

"Morbid black humor is a constant thread through the poems and stories; his delivery is sharp enough, and his observations compelling enough, to make the entire release interesting (and from time to time even mesmerizing) even to those not already hot for the spoken-word thing. What initially appears highly intimidating -- two discs worth, eek! -- turns out to be not just accessible, but far more entertaining than one might expect." - RKF, The One True Dead Angel

“Anbian is a raw mixture of poet, preacher, seer, and rebel... these poems are unlike anything else on the market. Anbian the angst-catcher, has captured both his subjects and his responses in vision-charged, some times Whitmanesque, direct statements.” - Choice