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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Say Bok Gwai, Chink In The Armor
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SAY BOK GWAI - Canto-Core Say Bok Gwai, Chink In The Armor
Chink In The Armor

CD $10

On SBG’s 2008 release, CHINK IN THE ARMOR, the CantoCore duo slams out 31 truly expansive, diverse, fast and heavy new songs.
Diverse in musical influences and sound, this release almost doubles the length of the first CD exploring SBG’s musical diversity from thrash to metal to punk to hardcore, while incorporating out of the genre influences such as progressive, experimental and improvisation. By inviting additional musicians to play on this release, SBG adds a diverse range of sounds, textures and color via electronics, organ, and samples. Another change in the sound of this second release is the prominent use of English. Alex explains that the use of English on this release evens out the bi-cultural scales since Cantonese was the primary language of the first release. CHINK IN THE ARMOR is a testament to the ingenuity of SBG taking CantoCore to new musical and message territory.

Alex Yeung - guitar, voice
Andre Custodio - drums, voice
guests artists:
Peter Lim – vocals
Matt Payne – electronics/organ
Val Mih - organ

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"This band reminds me of a cross of Stukas Over Bedrock and the Dead Kennedys on a bag of mushrooms in the hot desert sun. This band definitely is not playing it safe and trying to fit inside the box."
– Donofthedead, RazorCake

"Thirty one short sharp right on the ball tracks played with colour and imagination. Lyrics that bait, lyrics that bite, slices of humour, slices of frozen pizza, slices of clever comment, anger, situation switching and don’t get all hung up just because you’re a whitey, its only a colour! We’re talking a more than healthy mix of Minor Threat, Dead Kens, DRI, a touch of Slayer, a heathy math-core bite and that occasional experimental edge and that extra thing that could only come from, well, could only come from a Chinese punk band slamming out of San Francisco." - Organ Magazine

"Punk and doom metal, hardcore and splatter. The whole sung in English and Cantonese, to create a new genre: CantoCore. A lot of positive energy, screaming lyrics, power chords and “terrifying scales 101” a go-go, powerful drumming." - Massimo Ricci, Temporary Fault

""Chink in the Armor" works, and is fun, though at times annoying and ultimately exhausting. SoCal's Say Bok Gwai are another entry in the experimental duo game, but have enough chops to keep them from ever being formulaic." - Mike Wood, Music Emissions

"...the energy and clever lyrics take hold quickly. Louder is definitely better." - J. Worley, Aiding & Abetting

"...the band mixes punk, metal, hardcore and little bit of expermental into the furious mix of sometimes serious, sometimes not, unique music. If you're into bands like Spazz, Dead Kennedys, D.R.I, etc and have an open mind for some original music check out Say Bok Gwai." - Nick Martinson, Calihardcore