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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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15 Degrees Below Zero, Resting on A

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15 Degrees Below Zero, New Travel 15 Degrees Below Zero, Resting on A

15 Degrees Below Zero
Resting on A
CD $13

With their third full length CD "Resting on A", 15 Degrees Below Zero re-introduce the listener to their signature blend of guitar, digital and analog atmospheres, and noise. The trio continue to explore a territory of noise-oriented soundscapes and compositional narratives that emerge between the planes of discord and melody, but with this release, a feeling of spaciousness underlies the existing tension.

Daniel Blomquist - laptop, samplers, keyboards, effects, mixing, processing
Michael Addison Mersereau - guitar, keyboards, vocals, harmonica, effects, mixing, processing, etc.
Mark Wilson - pedals, contact mics, vocals, keyboards, laptop, samplers, other effects, mixing, processing, etc.

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"oriented towards the exploration of darkish abstractions, absorbing sound worlds where acoustic nebulousness hides both quiet menace and aural solace. Hints to Lustmord, drones lacking hackneyed inflections, inherent movements within an only apparent composure distancing the sonic essence from inconsequential immobility." - Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

"There is an overlying hum to this album, a rich drone that seems to flow as the base to a lot of the tracks occasionally rising and lifting the ambient quality of this act to the maximum atmosphere, cold and warm in equal measure with the occasional momentary feeling of being lost at a crossroads not knowing which route to take with the feeling of desperation reaching a peak when you realise you have taken the wrong path and there is no going back." - Tony Young, They Fell

"The music plays tricks with the psyche which, of course, delineate a desired effect accomplished through the power of shrewdly arranged patterns that intersect at various points. They render daunting sojourns and at times, perform as though they are conversing with a higher entity."
- Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz

"The canvas on which 15 Degrees Below Zero paints is open to interpretation, often seemingly amorphous, yet with structure and balance. All-in-all, “Resting on A” is a really good album with a high replayability factor."
- Steve Mecca, Chain D.L.K.

"Improvisational, but in a most unusual way. This quartet builds its songs slowly, adding and subtracting sounds and ideas until the main theme has been established. I have no idea what the track titles mean ("3.4.1," "2.19.2," etc.), but that just doesn't worry me. I'm lost in the whirl."
- Jon Worley, Aiding & Abetting

"Some of this isn’t far from Robert Rich or the not so evil side of Lustmord. In all, a very good effort...sounds like Christopher Walken talking about rubbing his thighs."
- Ragnar of Ravensfjord, KZSU 90.1FM Staford, CA