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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Noertker's Moxie, Some Circles
Special Value
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Noertker's Moxie, druidh lacunae Noertker's Moxie, Some Circles
Noertker's Moxie
Some Circles
CD $12

Some Circles, the first suite in bassist/composer Bill Noertker's Blue Rider series, takes us on a musical journey into abstraction, reflection, and enchantment. The Blue Rider group of painters (Kandinsky, Marc, Klee) is Noertker's inspiration here. From the prismatic playfulness of "Birds" to the rollicking earthiness of "Gate of the Abandoned Garden," from the wistful musings of "Little Joys" to the austere beauty of "Three Subjects, Polyphony," from the playful drum/bass dialogue of "Mandrill" to the reflective mysticism of "Calm Tension," the musicians of Noertker's Moxie use their rich sonic palette, and their moxie, to create a diverse and vibrant array of aural paintings.

Annelise Zamula - tenor saxophone and flute
Bill Noertker - contrabass
Amber Lamprecht - oboe
Jenny Maybee - piano
Jason Levis - drums
Jim Peterson - alto saxophone and flute
John Vaughn - alto sax
Dax Compise - drums
Dave Mihaly - drums
Niels Myrner - drums

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"This is relaxed, inviting music that lacks the confrontational edge and deliberate inscrutability so common in the improv genre these days. Those pining for the days before the improv / jazz axis began to wholeheartedly embrace ugliness will enjoy this." - The One True Dead Angel