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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Daniel Hintz

Daniel Hintz is a San Francisco-based writer and musician. His writing has previously appeared in Facet, The Vehicle, Karamu, Option, Raygun, Huh, Bikini, The Wire, San Francisco Medicine, Bullet Train, Please Shut Up Madame!, and Muzzle. Hintz's neo-haiku poems are often both funny and caustic, and might best be described as micro-absurdist. His first collection of 100 poems, The Suicide Note Collector, is available in paperback from Edgetone Records and Books, through this website. His second collection, of 500 poems, Hauling Nitro, is posted online at www.haulingnitro.blogspot.com. Hintz's latest collection of poems, Hyenas and Jackals, is posted online at www.hyenasandjackals.wordpress.com. When complete, Hyenas and Jackals should check in at 500 poems, as well. Hintz (aka Cactus) is also a late night radio host on KUSF in San Francisco, and an electric guitarist.

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