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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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"a dark and fierce blend of free jazz, noise, and death metal" -Independent Mind
Saint of Killers:
Alwyn Quebido, electric guitar | Jesse Quattro, vocals | Tyler Cox, drums
A post-metal wave of improvised darkness
Saint of Killers' primary objective is to leave listeners with the sensation Al Qthat life is not all it's made out to be, that beauty and happiness can only be found once one can actually acknowledge the ultimate truth of the ugliness and horrors that is human nature. Either the audience either gets it, or is absolutely repulsed.
Tyler CoxTyler Cox (also of San Francisco proto-progressive punk outfit The Mass) lays down the crushing and free foundation of uncompromisingly voluminous percussion. Alwyn Quebido flanks the attack with a focused laser of unfocused aural mayhem on the guitar. Jesse Quattro rounds out the core with her stunning array of melodic/cacophony vocal sheets of sound.
They have also performed with the occasional guest(s): Miya Osaki,Jesse Quattro Rent Romus, David Slusser, Matt Waters of The Mass, to name a few. Saint of Killers, who sites Fantomas, Nels Cline, Meshuggah, John Coltrane, Frank Zappa, Diamanda Galas, and John Zorn as major influences, are constantly searching for new ways of expressing the sonic truth to themselves while never swaying from the sound that brought them together in the first place, which is searing, abrasive, obnoxious, and terrifying free metal destructo jazz.