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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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 Lucio Menegon Sonic Demons

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LA Jenkins - Clarity of the Peculiar  Lucio Menegon Sonic Demons

Lucio Menegon
Sonic Demons
CD $5

Sonic Demons is a dark sonic tale for dark times with a story that follows the plight of a broken down Lucifer, an over-eager Alchemist, a Faustian bargain, a fantastical steam-punk miracle machine, a deadly molecule, a scheming Vulcan and the very heavy Saturn. Sonic Demons features Lucio's signature guitar and electronic sounds in solo and collaborative compositions and improvisations with Jon Brumit, Wayne Grim, Suki O'Kane, Jeff Hobbs, Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beetwhovern), Laurie Amat (The Residents), David Grollman, Rob Price and Valerie Kuehne.

Lucio Menegon - guitars and/or electronics

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"...the album is a beautifully executed collection of free-jazz-ish-noise and ambient pieces that can take the listener to many unusual places."
- Chad E. Williams, Paper Cuts Magazine

""Sonic Demons" would be intense and impressive without the dark night of the soul motif. With it, it allows Lucio Menegon to let it rip with purpose, a goal of exploration into the uncomfortable. He wins on all counts." -Mike Wood, Music Emissions

"There is a strong knowledge of intensity and volume here and that is evident in many of the compositions where Menegon goes into a crescendo of sound before exploding at the end of the tune. There are good combinations of sounds with some melodies and phrases that surprise the listener. This is an album for open minded people who are into sound exploration and improvisation."
- Music Extreme

"I can feel inspiration coming from bands of the seventies like: Egg, King Crimson and the Mothers of Invention." - Denise Brunelle, Sea of Tranquility

"...impressive bouts of well selected noise."
– Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery