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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Estamos Ensemble - suube tube
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Estamos Ensemble - suube tube Estamos Ensemble - jimpani kustakwa ka jankwariteecher´

Estamos Ensemble
suube tube
CD $12

Estamos Ensemble is composed of musicians from Mexico and the U.S. with the intention to foster more communication and collaboration between musicians of our two bordering countries as well as a better understanding of and appreciation for the citizens of our countries in general. The verb estamos in Spanish means 'we are' in the non-permanent sense. This is intrinsic to the nature of Estamos Ensemble. Each performance is fresh in the hands of great improvisers and some of the most accomplished composers from both sides of the border. This concept is in the spirit of the Estamos Project as a whole: always changing and open to new and different kinds of involvement. In 2009, the ensemble was invited and funded by Alejandro Jiménez de la Cuesta to record for two days in Sony Studios in Mexico City. The ensemble was also the recipient of the USArtists International Award 2010 for the group's performance in the Festival Internacional de Puebla in Puebla, Mexico. This is the 3rd Estamos album following Edgetone Records release "Jimpani Kustakwa Ka Jankwariteecherï” and a trio album with Milo Tamez, Thollem McDonas and Carmina Escobar titled Peopleʼs Historia on Relative Pitch.

Thollem McDonas - Piano, Artistic Director (US)
Carmina Escobar - Voice/Electronics
Alexander Bruck - Viola
Julián Martínez Vázquez - Violin
Milo Tamez - Drums/Percussion
Theresa Wong - Cello/Voice
Vinny Golia - Woodwinds
Marcus Webb E. - Guitar/Oud
Marko Novachcoff - Woodwinds

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