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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Christopher Luna-Mega, Aural Shores

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Spurious Emissions - Divided State Christopher Luna-Mega, Aural Shores
Christopher Luna-Mega
Aural Shores
CD $15

A sonic cross-pollination between environmental sound recordings and instrumental music with performers of the highest caliber, this album is the culmination of nearly a decade of research on environmental acoustics and their translation into instrumental music and electronics. At the heart of this exploration is the purpose of tuning with and learning from nature’s sounds, from its warm harmonies to its powerful cacophonies. The pieces featured in this album are derived from thorough listening and analyses of geological and biological sounds from various latitudes. For almost a decade, Christopher Luna-Mega has been fascinated by the sonic patterns found in various environments and their translation into notated music. His practice is based on focused listening, field recording, sound analysis, performance strategies, and collaboration with musicians, artists, and scientists. The resulting music is a creative embodiment of natural logic. To achieve this, Luna-Mega created a methodology for recording, analyzing, musically notating, and performing environmental sounds with the assistance of computer technologies. The pieces included in this album are the culmination of this work.

Christopher Luna-Mega - Electronics
Jeanie Aprille Tang - Electronics
Travis Thatcher, Adria Otte, Maxwell Tfirn,
Edward Stump, Aaron Oppenheim - Audio Recording

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"The sources are from around the house, the street and the woods and that diversity is certainly something I recognize in the music. All in all, this is a pretty interesting release with some very fine results." - Vital Weekly
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