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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Ghost In The House
Special Value
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Dr. Bob, Dark Times Ghost In The House
Ghost In the House
CD $13

The music of Ghost in the House is a soundtrack for the subconscious. It could suggest a murder mystery, a visitation in a dream or a cataclysmic storm. The scores are sketches that depict musical events to be interpreted by the band.
Conceived by filmmaker & musician David Michalak, Ghost in the House explores ethereal and elemental soundscapes where music suggests an image. Stackpole’s swelling gongs resonate with Nunn’s sculptural inventions creating other worldly scenarios with Michalak’s eerie lap steel and Bruckmann’s ominous horns adding texture and detail. “These are all the films I couldn’t afford to make.” D.M.

David Michalak - lap steel guitar, buffalo drum
Karen Stackpole - gongs, percussion
Kyle Bruckmann - oboe, English horn
Tom Nunn - crustacean, water phone & other original inventions

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" Exotic and ethereal without being totally weightless, soothing without turning into sonic wallpaper, deep and mysterious... definitely worth your attention." - RKF, The one true dead angel

"Terrifying resonances, terrifying and dismal images that form at a slow pace, environments of tension and suspense that provoke a sensation that something sinister is going to happen."
- Edouardo Chagas, Jazz e Arredores

"The seven tracks on this debut by Ghost in the House not only suggest that it can, but that it just might be our role to keep looking with new eyes at what is around us. That is the kind of awareness that can make any moment perfect to get on film." - Dave X, Music Emissions

"The music reflects a series of descriptions by its creators, who picture hypothetical images and dreams while trying to represent them through the strangest sounds they can obtain from their instruments...the record is truly beautiful..." - Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

"...odd avant-garde experimental soundtrack music that will blow your damn mind."- J-Sin, Smother

"To call this spooky avant-garde would be an understatement, as Ghost In the House do a great job here of conjuring up eerie & chilling soundcapes"- Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility

"A quartet (including Tom Nunn and his homemade instruments) that improvises so well that the stuff sounds composed. Off-kilter, to be sure (anything that includes something called a crustacean or t-rodimba would have to be), but almost always beautiful and alluring."- J Worley, Aiding & Abetting

"...creates an exotic world of ancient ritual and lysergic tableau." - John Gore, Chain D.L.K.

"...a truly frustrating listening experience...a cinematic experience with different scenes in mind...[like] a soundtrack along with a nerve-jangling motion picture made by someone like David Lynch or Gaspar Noe." - Scenepointblank