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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Ministry of Rites with Rent Romus & Tobias Fischer, GRID

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Emergency Rental, The Emergency String (X)tet meet Rent Romus Ministry of Rites with Rent Romus & Tobias Fischer, GRID

Ministry of Rites
Rent Romus & Tobias Fischer
CD $12

Modern music has followed a long tradition of filling up the spaces between so-called “sonic art” while still pulling from more traditional places like free jazz and contemporary classical music. Electronic music of the 20th century has always been labeled a “fringe-force” in contemporary culture, yet most other popular forms borrow from avant-garde electronic and musique concrete as well as industrialist traditions without paying any compliment to their origins. The music on this album was created remotely by both Rent Romus and Tobias Fischer in 2006…Somewhere between the worlds of free jazz and electronic music they must have made a pact to each forget where the other “came from” (not to meet one another half way between coasts) but to be independent of their influences enough to be fully in the tradition of both. It is a beautiful work of delicacy and shifting moods, wrong notes and lovely dissonances…this is a subtle work that requires quiet and solitude to unfold as both a complex and impassioned piece of sonic art that defines its own traditions.

Feu Follet is Tobias Fischer - PC Electronics, Loops, Field Recordings, Piano
Rent Romus - analogue electronics, alto/soprano saxophones, voices, radio, and flute

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"An unexpected duo project between two apparently opposite artistic entities: Rent Romus and Tobias Fischer, aka Feu Follet, working with an array of instruments...The prevailing component is one of oneiric – lysergic, perhaps - abstractness: reiterative successions, constant alteration of the morphology of timbre and (more rarely) thoughtful melodies...A difficult-to-cubbyhole patchwork that you might like or not, but whose essential honesty is tangible." - Massimo Ricci, Temporary Fault

"It sounds like the destruction of musical thought itself...john zorn meets broken illbient..Your going to worship or hate this there is no in between with Ministry of Rites and that is exactly they way they want it." - Absolute Zero Media

"The superb Ministry of Rites - GRID yields a paradigm for the present day advancement electronics-based music's transmission of depth of expressionism." - Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz

"Layered strange experimentations with organic sounds and tape loops and field recordings (e.g. rainstorms). Rhythmic in places but mostly just subtle and chill noise collage. Recommended."
- Your Imaginary Friend, KZSU FM 90.1

"Grid is a 60 minutes + dive into the imaginary & experimental world...a pleasantly different type of musical experience." - Denis Brunelle, Sea of Tranquility

"...truly bizarre, but listenable and intriguing in its own right." - Tony Young, Connexion Bizarre