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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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The Holly Martins no. no. yes. no.
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 Malik Ameer, Lorin Benedict - home is where the house is The Holly Martins no. no. yes. no.

The Holly Martins
no. no. yes. no.
CD $12

The Holly Martins (named after the main character in the classic postwar film, The Third Man) is a trio of Bay Area musicians dedicated to exploring the boundaries of jazz-infused improvised music, but without the trappings of a traditional "rhythm section". This configuration requires each individual to simultaneously take on multiple roles typically assigned individual players (soloist versus accompanist), thereby promoting more open-ended explorations of the material. As to said material, The Holly Martins often construct mutations of normal jazz standards, transformed from their more familiar forms in the time domain. Likewise, their original compositions are often "jazz-like", but with twists and turns such as asymmetric harmonic rhythms, cycling rhythmic and pitch patterns, etc.

They hope that their attempt to live "on the musical edge" creates a mild sense of danger akin to that exhibited by the cinematic character for whom they are named... always a little clueless, but with his feet nonetheless on the ground.

Kasey Knudsen- Alto Saxophone
Eric Vogler- Guitar
Lorin Benedict- Voice

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"This trio, mainly working on original materials plus a couple of illustrious evergreens, is among the nicest surprises received this year...these three revisionists should receive a sizeable grant by the clever minds in some foundation where the future of jazz is still an essential issue." - Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

"Without the presence of percussion, the guitar and sax take turns providing the rhythm and melody, sometimes by combining the two concepts to create rhythmic melodies (or is that melodic rhythms?) that create the musical backdrop for Benedict's hyperkinetic vocalizations, making the need for percussion unnecessary. The inspired combination of musical elements here results in a sound that's not only fresh and original, but far more accessible than the concept might suggest on paper."
- The One True Dead Angel

"It’s an inside-out sound that’s heavy on the inside half but sets itself apart from staid, retro jazz...It’ll put a smile on your face."
- Memory Select

"...this jazz trio with the very unique vocalist, Lorin Benedict whose scat features a somewhat German sounding made-up language...all cuts are greatly enjoyable."
- Cousin Mary, KFJC 89.7 FM