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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Thollem Mcdonas, Gone Beyond Reason To Find One

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 BoxDeserter - TwoRevolutions Thollem Mcdonas, Gone Beyond Reason To Find One

Thollem Mcdonas
Gone Beyond Reason To Find One
CD $12

This is the second solo recording on Edgetone by impresario pianist Thollem Mcdonas showcasing three live concert performances that took place at the SFCMC during the 9th Annual Outsound New Music Summit, accompanying the films of Martha Colburn in San Francisco, The Songlines concert series at Mills College in Oakland California, and at the Area Sismica Piano Festival in Meldola, Italy.

"Thollem McDonas combines extreme imagination with terrific post-classical chops. A fresh, disciplined avant-pianist with an attractively extreme viewpoint."
- Greg Burk - LA Weekly (U.S.)

Thollem Mcdonas - piano

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"Among the principal features of the pianist’s style is the ability of overwhelming without letting one feel intimidated. The massive polychordal cascades, the rumbling (yet never rambling) arpeggios, the perseveration in trying to locate the keyboard spots in which that roaring creature gathers energy and begins to fly. And then, just like that, the silence falls: the preceding reverberations still floating while McDonas starts working the insides of the instrument, scraping, dropping objects, tapping on the wooden constituents." - Massimo Ricci Touching Extremes

"It's worth noting that the three tracks on this album were all recorded live, which is pretty impressive given the sheer level of technical talent on display here. His unusual approach to playing means these compositions are far more texturally expressive -- and often far noisier -- than what you would normally expect from someone playing the piano, and at its most dense, the sound on the first track is often quite violent indeed."
- The One True Dead Angel

"...frighteningly original piano playing performed with all necessary aggression."
- J. Worley, Aiding & Abetting

"Gone Beyond Reason is a chance to hear McDonas create long-form pieces. His piano leans more towards classical than jazz, but of course that doesn’t mean it’s classical classical." - Wedge, Memory Select

"Classically dramatic, poignant, and fitting for the song titles. Get your piano groove on!"
- Humana, KFJC 89.7 FM