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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Nunn, Crossman, McGee - Plastic Critters

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Tom Nunn Identity Nunn, Crossman, McGee - Plastic Critters
Nunn, Crossman, McGee
Plastic Critters
CD $12

When Allan Crossman suggested he write something for chamber orchestra and one of Tom Nunn’s instruments, he found it an intriguing challenge. He had never performed music specifically written for one of his instruments and wasn’t sure what instrument would work well with a chamber orchestra. Eventually he chose the Sonoglyph built in 1992 because of its wide sonic range. In working on “Plasticity,” Mr. Nunn discovered some new techniques and used “tailed” plastic combs as well as hands, guitar pics and metal rods. The orchestra’s performance inspired another friend and composer, Mike McGee, to write the other compositions on this album, “Critter and Box on the Rocks.”
Mr. Nunn’s instruments are designed for improvisation, and free improvisations are also found on this CD in addition to “Plasticity” and “Critter,” illustrating how such instruments can also work well with traditional instruments in written compositions.

Tom Nunn, T-Rodimba Mothic Crustacean
Blake McGee– Bb clarinet, Lexicon MX200 Effects Processor
The San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra; Mark Alburger – Conducting

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