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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Rent Romus' Life's Blood Ensemble - side three: New Work
CD Special
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Rent Romus' Life's Blood Ensemble - side three: New Work Rent Romus' Life's Blood Ensemble - Rogue Star

Rent Romus' Life's Blood Ensemble
side three: New Work
CD $12

In May of 2018, “side three: New Work” was the last show in a three performance residency at the Ivy Room in Albany California curated and titled by drummer percussionist Suki O’Kane. It was also the first time the ensemble met with Vinny Golia leading to the session of this recording. It seemed an appropriate title as the record features an eclectic cross section of original compositions inspired by a variety of things including late 60’s and 70’s films, civil rights, visionary poetry and science fiction.

Timothy Orr- drums, percussion
Rent Romus - alto saxophone
Joshua Marshall - tenor saxophone
Heikki "Mike" Kosikinen - e-trumpet, tenor recorder
Mark Clifford - vibes
Safa Shokrai - double bass
Max Judelson - double bass
Vinny Golia - baritone & sopranino saxophones, alto flute

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"Tight horn parts frame the pieces in bright energy, complemented by the cool splash of Mark Clifford’s vibraphone. Koskinen’s composition, “The Humming of Trees,” is bold and purposeful, with an anthemic feel and a cool-stepping space for a bright solo on e-trumpet. Among Romus’ compositions is “Downbeat for the Forgotten,” a funky strut that again features Koskinen’s blowing." - Memory Select

"...a different world is felt in the bizarre powerful buoyancy...hows off the luster in the rebellion and is admired." - Akira Saito Jaz Tokyo

"...sometimes through a tricky postbop slalom, sometimes blasting through with sheer energy." - Tom Hull

"The strange music of Romus who succeeds the avant-garde nature of American music that has continued since the 70's has germinated to a new third side by the recombination with the talent of Goria who is good at movie music." - A Challenge To Fate

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