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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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 Moe Staiano, Away Towards the Light

Special Value
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 Moe Staiano, Away Towards the Light Moe!Kestra, Two Rooms of Uranium inside 83 Markers
Moe Staiano
Away Towards the Light
Vinyl LP $20

Away Towards the Light was written in 2016 at the request of Rent Romus, to be performed at the Edgetone 25th Anniversary concert. It was originally composed for nine guitars and drum set. Further musical revisions added electric bass to the score in time for the second performance. The piece has three movements with a connecting flow between each section, and utilizes repeated phrases played for variable lengths of time until cued to change by the conductor. Movements 1 and 3 have four guitar groupings–three groups with two guitars, and one group of three. In the 2nd movement the guitars are broken into three groups of three. The guitar groups play against one another in bouncing rhythms and ongoing hockets, alternating between soft bell-like sustain and bombastic chord clusters in a repeating minimalist setting. Away Towards the Light is dedicated to Bill Horvitz, a longtime musician in my ensembles in the Moe!kestra days, who sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2017.

Performed by the Moe Staiano Ensemble: Karl Alfonso Evangelista, Jay Korber, Melne Murphy, John Schott, John Shiurba, Damon Waitkus, Robin Hiroko Walsh, Drew Wheeler, Bill Wolter (Guitars); Jason Hoopes (Bass); Moe Staiano (Drums). Conducted by Suki O’Kane.

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