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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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The Equity & Social Justice Quartet

The Equity and Social Justice Quartet, a new jazz group formed by Bay Area bassist and educator Markus Hunt. The jazz ensemble features Markus Hunt on bass; David Boyce on saxophone, Henry Hung on trumpet, and Timothy Orr on drums. "The Equity and Social Justice Quartet is deeply personal,” says Hunt. “Most of my life, I have worked in schools, helping young people find their voice. As I considered how this project could be an extension of that work, I realized that I was afforded a unique opportunity—the marriage of art and empathy. The Whisper of Flowers is Hunt's first recording as a leader. The title of the album was taken from a quote from bassist William Parker: “It is not about jazz, it is about sound as revealed through the mysteries of life. About those who have said yes to the whisper of a flower and the shout of a blue hurricane.”

Markus Hunt, bassist and educator, is frequently found in the rhythm section of Rent Romus’ ensembles—most notably in Life’s Blood and The Ruminations. He is also a collaborator with pianist Eli Wallace, and acts as Upper School Head at the Cathedral School for Boys in San Francisco.

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