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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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The Founding Researcher

The Founding Researcher Born as Verner Von Kotch in 1910 in a small mountain town in the Swiss Alps. His mother, Elfrieda, kept sheep for food, wool and comfort. Father Aaelfred Adolf Koch, was the town butcher. Young Verner, was quite the inventor. He also displayed an uncanny interest in the trapeze acts at the circus. He con-stantly would talk of a mysterious vision that someday he would be swinging on a great golden trapeze. In 1967 a FCC official remarked that a airplane with unfamiliar markings on it, and ID numbers that were written in an unknown numerical system, had a pilot had the distinct odor of petrol on his breath. That pilot was the Founding Researcher who later died that same year and then came back. After his resurrection he had to start THE ALL ONE MATRIX POSSIBILITIES BIG HEARTED RESEARCH FOUNDATION. ERASE THE PAST, MAKE UP THE PRESENT, SIT BACK AND SPECULATE ON THE FUTURE! So now you may ask; WHO IS THIS MAN, THE FOUNDING RESEARCHER??? Well, we are pleased to report that he is THAT LIVING COMPOSITE of people and their adjacent wishes to be other people. Those who win or lose. Those who have not been born yet. And those who anonymously exist in underhanded secrecy, until the right time in their game, is the right time in your game. He also knows that neither or both is true. Born in 1910 died in 1967 and then alive again!

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