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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Joe Lasqo

Joe Lasqo offers new Indo-Modernist and "Neo-Gaku" sounds woven from 3 strands: * Indian & Middle Eastern music * Jazz * Stockhausen meets the sound of one hand clapping He's come to this music via a wandering path that's taken him through classical music studies in India, jazz studies in smoke-filled bars, computer music studies at MIT, Columbia & Berkeley CNMAT, & living (and listening) for years in various Asian countries. He plays piano/keyboards, percussion, and Max/MSP as a solo performer and in collaborations with musicians and instrument-inventors. Besides loving and playing the traditional musics of Asia and elsewhere with some very non-traditional instrumentation, he also uses Asian tools to build music with the compositional advances and new concepts of jazz and 20th-century music -- Stockhausen-type tone or timbre rows developed in Indian composition/improvisation structures, atonal and/or non-octave ragas, stochastic tala structures, ragam-tanam-pallavi leadsheets, and shakuhachi and gagaku pieces transmigrated into 21st-century bodies.

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