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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Van Boven
Photo: Dave Renshaw ( Luggage Store Gallery, SF)

Van Boven starts with an indie rock aesthetic, and takes it to ominous extremes…combining avant-rock concepts with dirty underground blues and melodic meandering…their music is both inspiring, and thoughtfully aggressive.

Jon Brumit composed and improvised music incorporating percussion, electronics, sampling, found objects, and signal processing has been labeled "physically debilitating" and "intellectually refreshing" by art critics, and his performances have been declared "disarmingly powerful" and "extremely adventurous and explosive [for ambient music]" by rock and noise musicians. Not bad for an artist whose last release was made entirely with garbage from the San Francisco Dump.
He has performed and exhibited his sound work nationally at venues including SF MoMA, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Sony Metreon, DC's Black Cat, Baltimore's 8 x 10, SF's Luggage Store Gallery, Detroit Art Space, Chicago's Buddy Gallery, Cranbrook Museum of Art, Olympia's Voyeur, and Oakland's Black Box. He has performed, recorded, and collaborated with former members of The Swans, June of 44, the Shaking Ray Levis' Dennis Palmer and Bob Stagner, Gino Robair, Wayne Grim, Lisa Mezzacappa, Bob Boster, Allesandro Olla, and numerous others.
His works have been featured on National Public Radio, Discovery Channel International, ABC, NBC, CBS, and WGN Chicago, among others. In print his work has been featured in Artforum, the SF Chronicle, and Readymade Magazine. He has performed in festivals including Version>5, The Big Sur Experimental Music Festival, and has been invited to Alessandro Olla's Festival SpazioMusica in Italy this summer. He began his musical collaborations in California with Mills' Contemporary Performance Ensemble led by Fred Frith and Steed Cowart.

Wayne Grim is a musician and sound artist who lives in Berkeley, California. He has performed and recorded with Nada Brahma, Burning Ghat, Saturn Maps, Et Saw God, Steve Berson's Acoustitronics, Interloper, and other east coast and Bay Areaw artists.
Wayne entered the composition program at the University of Maryland where he studied with composer Stuart Smith. He explored electronic music and musique concret techniques using reel-to-reel tape decks, turntables, and effects pedals. He also had the opportunity to perform with the Gamelan Seka Genta Samara under the direction of Dr. Mantle Hood. This experience became a catalyst for further study of ethnomusicology and nonwestern rhythmic principles. Upon graduation, he immersed myself in the study of Indian and Middle Eastern music, as well as performing, recording, and writing with Nada Brahma, a small touring ensemble.
In 1998, Wayne entered the composition program at Mills College where he had the great opportunity to study with Pauline Oliveros, Gail Wight, Fred Frith, Alan Kaprow, Lawrence “Butch” Morris, and Lou Harrison.
"As a composer and improviser, I user a variety of guitars, Ud, Saz, Adungu and other stringed instruments, computers, electronics and percussion to create music. Currently, I mostly enjoy collaborating with other musicians and making music for film and video"

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Van Boven
Van Boven, I.E.D.
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