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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Jon Brumit - drums, percussion
photo Jon Brumit by Peter B Kaars

Jon Brumit's composed and improvised music incorporating percussion, electronics, sampling, found objects, and signal processing has been labeled "physically debilitating" and "intellectually refreshing" by art critics, and his performances have been declared "disarmingly powerful" and "extremely adventurous and explosive [for ambient music]" by rock and noise musicians. Not bad for an artist whose last release was made entirely with garbage from the San Francisco Dump.
He has performed and exhibited his sound work nationally at venues including SF MoMA, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Sony Metreon, DC's Black Cat, Baltimore's 8 x 10, SF's Luggage Store Gallery, Detroit Art Space, Chicago's Buddy Gallery, Cranbrook Museum of Art, Olympia's Voyeur, and Oakland's Black Box. He has performed, recorded, and collaborated with former members of The Swans, June of 44, the Shaking Ray Levis' Dennis Palmer and Bob Stagner, Gino Robair, Wayne Grim, Lisa Mezzacappa, Bob Boster, Allesandro Olla, and numerous others.
His works have been featured on National Public Radio, Discovery Channel International, ABC, NBC, CBS, and WGN Chicago, among others. In print his work has been featured in Artforum, the SF Chronicle, and Readymade Magazine. He has performed in festivals including Version>5, The Big Sur Experimental Music Festival, and has been invited to Alessandro Olla's Festival SpazioMusica in Italy this summer. He began his musical collaborations in California with Mills' Contemporary Performance Ensemble led by Fred Frith and Steed Cowart.

7th annual BYOBW (bring your own big wheel) April 8, 2007

Van Boven
Van Boven, I.E.D.
Out of Print - Digital Only
Jon Brumit, pileDriver
Jon Brumit, pileDriver
Out of Print - Digital Only