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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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T.D. Skatchit & Company, Ear of the Storm


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T.D. Skatchit & Company, Ear of the Storm T.D. Skatchit & Company, Skatchbox Surveillance

T.D. Skatchit & Company
Ear of the Storm
CD $12

EAR OF THE STORM - This turbulent piece is based on an extended skatchbox arrangement inspired by the wild rhythms of tornados, hurricanes and thunderstorms and features a diverse group of musicians. The listener is in the ear of storm, where music is born out of the elemental noise only to be whisked away by the wind. Multiple musical scenarios, characters and abstractions present themselves within the different phases and sonic locations in the storm. Each of 17 musicians added their musical reflection and resolve to the path of this skatch tornado. AFTER THE STORM - Tracks 2-14 feature various artists from the large piece to fill out this project

Tom Nunn - skatchbox
David Michalak – skatchbox

Guest Artists
Aurora Josephson– voice
Bob Marsh - voice
Kyle Bruckmann - English Horn
Bruce Ackley - Bb clarinet
Rent Romus - alto saxophone, accordion
Phillip Greenlief – tenor saxophone
Tom Djll - Trumpet
Polly Moller – bass flute
Thollem McDonas – piano
Scott Looney - piano
Gino Robair - energized surfaces
Jacob Felix Heule - Percussion
Doug Carroll - cello
Jonathan Segel – violin
Tony Dryer – contra bass
Tim Perkis - electronics

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"Weird sounds abound on this CD, a concept album whose first song is based on the sounds one imagines hearing in the "ear of the storm"...all (including the first) feature skatchboxes, those amazing inventions of Tom Nunn & David Michalak." -humana KFJC 89.7FM