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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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T. D. Skatchit

T.D. Skatchit & Company is a duo featuring Tom Nunn & David Michalak playing Skatchboxes. As the story goes, one day while on a visit to his cousin’s workshop, David picked up the combs and began to play the Skatchbox. Thomas sat in amazement at this first performance on his new invention. And so T.D. Skatchit was formed to spread the Skatch throughout the land performing with other traveling minstrels at carnivals & sideshows or wherever people would listen. They continue to explore the sounds of Skatch in combination with other instruments and have begun work on their 2nd CD called, Skatch Migration to be released as a 5.1 surround sound DVD Audio and CD.Aurora

Playing in trios with T.D. on their first CD are guest improvisors:
David Slusser - Slussomatic, Aurora - voice, Jon Raskin – baritone sax, Tojoyo Tomita – trombone, Leif Shakelford - viola, Chris Brown - electronics and Karen Stackpole – gongs. The Skatchits have also played or recorded with: Richard Waters - waterphone, Bob Marsh – tap shoes, voice, violin, Bart Hopkins – homemade instruments and Tom Waits.

The SkatchboxThe Skatchbox First there was the Electric Light then The Talking Machine. Now witness The Skatchbox; a new musical invention by Thomas Skatchit. Built out of cardboard boxes and played with combs, this recession era wonder conjures up sounds previously unknown to man. The mere sweep of the comb across the box creates a new universe of sound reminiscent of wind, the seashore, trees rustling, birds singing, frogs croaking and other magical sounds.

"I want to see a Skatchbox in every American home." Thomas Skatchit

Tom Nunn has built and performed on his own musical inventions since 1975 constructing over 150 instruments including about 50 Skatchboxes. He plays with RTD3, Axallto and is also a member of Ghost In The House and REEL CHANGE. Tom has written and published, Wisdom of The Impulse: On The Nature of Free Improvisation, a book that examines various aspects of this illusive art.

David Michalak plays lap steel guitar, skatchboxes and percussion instruments. He performs regularly in a duo called Doctor Bob, a quartet – Ghost In The House and a live soundtrack band called REEL CHANGE. He’s also a filmmaker, operating his own production company, Eye-Full Films for over 30 years.