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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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TRI-CORNERED TENT SHOW  - Legion of DagonCD $12

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 Tri-Cornered Tent Show presents...The Foolkiller Tri-Cornered Tent Show - Legion of Dagon

Legion of Dagon

This CD release from Tri-Cornered Tent Show with guests Rent Romus – reeds/voice/zither rod and Jeff Hobbs- violin, trumpet is inspired by early 20th Century horror-scifi writer H.P. Lovecraft’s 38-sonnet piece entitled “Fungi In Yuggoth”. Thanks to the underground discovery by Edgetone Records Research Director, Roderick Repke, music by a Dr. Harold Farnese who wrote an unfinished operetta for Lovecraft’s sonnets was discovered, and is the loose basis for the finished Legion of Dagon project now available.

Listen to The Lamp from Legion of Dagon

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“You'll either find it wanky and mawkish or refreshing and daring. Either way, you'll have a difficult time remaining neutral toward their squibbling reed instruments,
Lovercraft-inspired lyrics and dramatic percussive flourishes.”
- Phillip Buchan, Splendid
Andre Custodio - synthesizer, percussion
Philip Everett - drums, autoharp, elec. perc
Ray Schaeffer - electric bass
Guest performers:
Jeff Hobbs - violin, trumpet, cornet, vocals
Rent Romus - reeds, flute, toys, vocals

* Poems: "Fungi from Yuggoth" by H.P. Lovecraft, public domain
& Lost score written for Lovecraft by Harold Farnese, in 1932, public domain