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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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 Tri-Cornered Tent Show presents...Erase the PastCD $12

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 Tri-Cornered Tent Show presents...Erase the Past  Tri-Cornered Tent Show presents...The Foolkiller

Tri Cornered Tent Show
Erase the Past

This is the sixth installment from Tri-Cornered Tent Show showcasing their thirty five year history of exploration and discovery. A side-ways journey though surf, sci-fi space funk and psychedelica via free jazz mixed with a little black metal and lo-fi electronics that nods to both a Lovecraftian past and the futura of Sun-RA and Philip K. Dick…

Philip Everett - autoharp, electronics, percussion
Ray Schaeffer - electric basses
Anthony Flores - drumset, percussion

Listen to Duck & Cover from Erase the Past

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