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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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 Nihil Communication, we are violent
Special Value
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 Nihil Communication, we are violent Spurious Emissions - Divided State
Nihil Communication
we are violent
CD $12

"It’s close to ambient washes but in a diseased way, like standing beneath power cables when the air hums. He’s got a few things happening in very thin layers, making strange music, creepy rustling, often with an ominous build in the sound before the fog closes in again." - Mick Mercer

Nihil Communcication (Andre Custodio)- The instrumentation varies dependent on mood and atmosphere...Synthesizers, T-Rodimba, Percussion, Voice, Effects

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"But for a harmonic tone drifting in and out ‘We Are Violent’ could be a nest of wasps disturbed inside a kettle drums, seething and whisking...A curious record, as you’d expect, and recommended, especially for people yet to really investigate such music. It’s emptiness but firm ideas will ensure you’re not driven away. -Mick Mercer

"Haunting, provocative soundscapes built on mystery and the maxim that less is more." -RKF, Dead Angel

"...the huge wall of low frequencies and distant calls will squeeze the skull and put the auricular membranes in a state of complete saturation, the T-Rodimba crying from faraway galaxies like a lost astronaut."
Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

"This disc, “We Are Violent,” is like a compressed version of everything that creeps me out about Diamanda Galas’s best work, but without the volume or the howling. And that’s really saying something!"
-DaveX, Startling Moniker

"...it’s really rare to find music that when you peel back layer after layer, still remains a sense of dark abandonment...one of the more compelling dark ambient forces in music today."
-J-Sin, Smother.net

"It's all quite ominous and at times a tad creepy, as the cavernous waves of sound constantly undulate, echo, buzz, and dissipate. In a crowded ambient scene, We Are Violent has enough going for it to recommend to fans of the genre." -Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility

"...pleasant disturbing kind of ambient, the one with that rough edge to it."
-Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

"Custodio develops carefully each composition achieving climaxes through all this recording. Pure ambient experimentation."
-Music Extreme

"Pulses, waves and just a spot of white noise here and here. Subsonic rumblings that just might sterilize cockroaches. Good stuff."
-J. Worely, Aiding & Abetting