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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Rent Romus' Lords of Outland - You can sleep when you're dead!
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Rent Romus' Lords of Outland - Culture of Pain Rent Romus' Lords of Outland - You can sleep when you're dead!
Rent Romus' Lords of Outland
You can sleep when you're dead!
CD $12

The Lords of Outland present their latest black metal deth jazz sequel to Culture of Pain.
In this day, this dawn, when privacy rapidly begins to dwindle…where the difference between inside and outside of one’s head or one’s house or one’s inbox are growing more blurred….we find ourselves in new territory, a no man’s land where everyone has fifteen hours of fame, whether they know it or not. There is no choice anymore in what is open to the electronic voyeur. The eyes of the world are upon us and we are all stripped naked on the internet, over the phone, in our email and in our very thoughts. Nothing is hidden from the watchful eyes of the 'gods'. We are on display for their amusement.
However, as the watcher watches so too do we watch him. So too do we indulge in voyeuristic fashion, in the analysis of his behavior. He is the wolf to our sheep, but we are the hunter to his wolf, and as the spiral turns so to the watcher and the watched become one in a dance, the pull eternal, between fascism and freedom.

Rent Romus - alto, soprano, and C-melody saxophones, voice, accordion
CJ Borosque - fx pedals
Ray Schaeffer - 6-string electric bass
Philip Everett - drums, autoharp, electronics

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"Enter Super Hero Rent Romus, armed with all kinds of saxophones (plus voice and accordion), leading a brigade of musicians - CJ Borosque, Ray Scheaffer, Philip Everett - that could cause an enlightened Buddhist to nervously twitch fingers before attacking his moaning fellows à la Mike Tyson vs Larry Holmes, round four (isn’t it peculiar that boxing comparisons appear whenever I listen to this man’s output?)." - Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

"Lords of Outland's previous release, "Culture of Pain," was a fun and scary set of monster tunes that perfectly set the stage for this great release. Think of the two of them as a free jazz Creature Double Feature, and tip your hat to Romus, his sax and accordion, and his fearless exploration of sonic insanity." - Mike Wood, Music Emissions

"This is no-nonsense, 'go for the juggular', manic free- jazz from this four-piece, and quite possibly some of the most savage and noisy music I have heard from the genre in quite some time."
- Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility

"Dark and electronics-laden free jazz that brings a new ominous meaning to the "Lords" name. This is the latest incarnation of Romus' free jazz band, taking a noisier and more experimental turn."
-Craig Matsumoto, KZSU

"Led by Rent Romus, the "Lords" are one of California's true extreme ensembles."
- Caravan News, Stockton CA

"The album offers an abrasive collection of tracks that sounds like James and Chance and the Contortions on some dangerous mixture of meth and speedballs...has an intensity to it that makes me fidgety and unsettled, especially with its off-time tempos and cluttered percussion. And this is coming from some one that listens to Merzbow while he studies." - Michael Grillo, Chain D.L.K.