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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Noertker's Moxie - Pantomime in Billville

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Noertker's Moxie - Walking on Blue Eggshells in Billville Noertker's Moxie - More Fun in Billville Noertker's Moxie - Pantomime in Billville
Noertker's Moxie
Pantomime in Billville
CD $12
Released 2021

Celebrate 20 years of Noertker's Moxie with Pantomime, volume three of the new Billville trilogy, a collection of 25 previously unreleased live performances spanning two decades. The compositions contained herein are Noertker's reflections on his travels, his encounters with art, his penchant for poetry, his love of Catalonia, his sense of wonder at words, his fondness for the tritone, his fascination with film. An assortment of his trusted fellow musical travelers help him breathe life into these aural reflections. In 2001, Bill Noertker formed Noertker’s Moxie as a vehicle for his thematic compositions. Since then he has composed over 150 pieces of music and has released sixteen CDs on the Edgetone Records label, including the soundtrack for Curious Worlds: the Art and Imagination of David Beck and the extended suites Sketches of Catalonia; The Blue Rider; The Druidh; and Tricycle.

Annelise Zamula - alto, tenorsaxophone and flute
Bill Noertker - contrabass, composer
Mas Koga – tenor saxophone
Joshua Marshall - tenor saxophone
Jim Peterson - alto saxophone
Theo Padouvas - cornet
Brett Carson – piano
Eli Wallace – piano
jason Levis – drums
Jon Arkin – drums
Dax Compise – drums

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"Opening up his music to all sorts of sounds, while maintaining a groove and more importantly a sense of humor, Noertker has collated a triple-threat of notable music. With so many tracks from so many varied sessions, it’s impossible to choose among them. Maybe all should be investigated." - Ken Waxman, Jazzword

"Sometimes melodic, sometimes completely abstract, Pantomime in Billville ends the trilogy on solid footing. It certainly pushes the boundaries of modern jazz." - Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility