As the name Accretions implies, we strive to grow a community of artists whose creative works reflect cultural and stylistic diversity. Experimental music by nature is well-equipped for adventurous exploration and hybridization of the myriad sonic choices available. We attempt also to put in place a mechanism for its dissemination, working outside of commercial constraints and corporate myopia that conspire to homogenize the creative process. We want to empower the artist and the listener alike. Label Link  

A harsh sound scape artist run label in the belly of the beast of Los Angeles. Label Link
Circumvention Music is an artist-run independent record label that focuses primarily on supporting and publishing improvised music. Circumvention was founded in 1998 by saxophonist Jason Robinson with the intention to provide a self-sufficient alternative to the economically driven conservatism of the recording industry. Circumvention looks to the music first, knowing that there is a world of people eager to hear and support honest, heart-felt expression. Label Link
Edgetone Records originally began in 1991 to support modern jazz. In 2000 the label expanded to support the many unsung or under appreciated artists of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond by encompassing experimental, avant guard, new sonic, and postmodern jazz.  It is the desire of Edgetone to make available recordings and creative products that act to support diverse creative music and art that is otherwise being pushed aside, misunderstood or, under represented by standard media. Aside from modern jazz, the new sonic series is the flagship and guiding light of Edgetone including the new Razor series pushing the envelope into the new century. Label Link
A label crossing all the elements of sound from world to free improvisation and everything in-between. Features some rare recordings from different parts of the world, both introspective and engaging.
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Modern Jazz label run by saxophonist Philip Greenlief. Evander carries a wide selection of composers and original artists from around the globe.
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Indie rock and improv label Magnetic was founded by Jonathan Segeland and Victor Krummenacher to release their own recordings. Both have been involved in running independent labels for the last fifteen years, starting with the first Pitch-A-Tent records, home of the early Camper Van Beethoven releases. Artists include: Eugene Chandbourne | Jonathan Segel |moth wranglers | Victor Krummenacher... Label Link
Pax Recordings was founded in 1997. 
Pax Recordings aesthetic is an eclectic blend of modern classical, free jazz, and avant rock, with an emphasis on improvisation and unclassifiable music. Label Link 
Artist recoding imprint for Matt Davignon and related electronic and object related sound creation.
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an edgetone company