U.I.R.C. (Ultra Independent Recording Coalition) is a point of distribution for musician run labels in California sponsored and administered by Edgetone Records. Styles range from avant-garde Jazz, to experimental indie Rock, experimental electronic music and contemporary improvisation, with an emphasis on the new and independent music.
We specialize in bringing the music directly to the public online, live, and through in-store distribution. We believe the life’s blood of autonomous music is through independent music stores like your own, who cater to the buyer who wants more than just highly-hyped (but invariably sub-standard) music.
Retail outlets can now order directly from UIRC using fax, phone, or mail. Simply find the titles that look interesting to you, fill out the form in the back of this Catalog, and we’ll ship your order within 3-5 business days via UPS. We pick up the shipping cost, and you get some high quality creative/experimental music to make available to your customers.
We hope to hear from you soon,
Rent Romus
Retail outlets should download the Wholesale Retail Catalog and the Order Form below.
Use the contact form to let us know you want to order and we'll get back to you after your outlet has been verified.
The Wholesale Retail Catalog is also avalable to view online HERE.

UIRC Wholesale Retail Catalog.pdf


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