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free jazz, nu jazz, electronic, experimental music, avant rock, harsh noise, noise, laptop, field effects
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Jason Levis

Currently studying contemporary composition and performance in Berlin, while touring Germany with anti-folk band Susie Asado, drummer Jason Levis is at once devoted to the intersection between contemporary composition and experimental improvisation, electronic art music and old school roots reggae dub, and abstract soundscape narratives and popular music. His wide-ranging creative efforts are skillfully bound by his innate sense of timbre, sonic space, and rhythmic force. Jason has performed his compositions in the United States with his own new music ensemble the Heftpistole Chamber Ensemble and roots reggae band Joseph's Bones, with the collaborative project duo B. with contrabassist Lisa Mezzacappa, and with several jazz ensembles such as Married Couple, Blowout, and the Lisa Mezzacappa Trio (featuring world renowned pianist Myra Melford). He has performed his music internationally in Japan with Four Flea Circus and in Canada with Paradigm Brass. Key Note +, The Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players, the Aaron Novik Chamber Ensemble, and the bass clarinet quartet Edmund Welles have premiered his compositions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Levis has performed on drums and percussion extensively throughout the California with his own groups as well as with new music ensembles the Berkeley Contemporary Chamber Players, sfSound and Aaron Novik's Crafty Apples, art-pop ensemble Floating World, chamber-klezmer group the Maccabeats, and numerous jazz ensembles. He has toured nationally with 1960's UK folk-rock star Donovan, the jazz quartet Married Couple, and Citta di Vitti, a jazz trio's homage to Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni. He is currently touring internationally with German anti-folk band Susie Asado.

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